Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pompeii: A Virtual Tour

For those who would like a virtual tour of Pompeii that goes along with my self-guided tour, here are some pictures of the places I mention:

1)  The Forum:  Granary with pottery and plaster casts.  

The Temple of Apollo is the oldest in Pompeii, dating back to the 6th century B.C.

2)  Via Dell'Abbondanza:  The liveliest street in Pompeii, the streets were high because they were filled with garbage.

3)  The Brothel:  Bedrooms are broad slabs for sleeping.  The frescoes show many different sexual positions.

6)  Thermopolium of Vetutius Placidus:  This thermopolium looked out onto the street and had benches as well as dolia (terracotta receptacles) that contained food. 

7)  House of the Ceii.  A large hunting scene with Egyptian themes.

8)  House of Octavius Quartio:

9)  House of Venus:  A tacky Venus fresco. 

10)  The Amphitheater:

11)  Via dei Sepolcri: Ex-slave Publius Vesonius Phileros lies beside his ex-owner Vesonia and his ex-friend.

12)  Garden of the Fugitives:  Plaster castes.

13)  House of the Ship 'Europa':  Olive oil press.

14)  Temple of Isis:   

15)  The Great Theater and Small Theaters:

16)  The Forum Baths: 

17)  House of the Tragic Poet:  Mosaic of a barking dog.

18)  The House of the Faun:  A statue of a bronze faun dates back to the second century B.C.  

19)  Villa of the Mysteries:  Dionysian or Orphic initiation rites.

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