Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Note From Barbara


I've decided to expand The Espresso Break to include several Tours of Naples.  As I travel in search of the eccentric side of the city, I'll be posting under the following headings:

The Naples Underground Tour:  Naples has over 700 cavities that date back to the 4th century B.C.  I'll be in search of this 'parallel city,' now considered a major part of the study of urban speleology and first re-discovered during the 1970's when firemen were sent to put out a fire and found that Neapolitans were using these cavities to dispose of their trash.  (Every first Thursday of the month.)

The Odious Women Tour:  I've posted already about the ruthless and sexually charged Roman women, Agrippina and Poppea.  I will continue to search for women in the city who were once considered odious, but I'll expand my search through the ages to include trailblazing Renaissance women painters, Jacobin revolutionaries, and saints who lost their lives for heretical beliefs.  (Every second Thursday of the month.)

The Espresso Break:  Neapolitans pride themselves on their coffee.  And I've noticed a new development in the city.  Baristas are now expanding their repetroire to include a bevy of new coffee creations, naming things like 'The Morocco' and 'The grandma'.  I want to roam to as many cafes as possible in search of the these new and eccentric versions of paradiso.  (Every third Thursday of the month.)

Port Call:  Will describe extras and oddities in and around the city as well as describe tours, such as those for kids or following the journey of St. Paul the Apostle.

Other than during 'The Espresso Break' posts, I will continue to include Neapolitan recipes.

Hope you enjoy it.

Un caro abbracio!

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KC said...

I am anxiously awaiting the first stop on the Odious Women Tour. I love the title! (Sounds interesting, too, of course.)