Thursday, October 15, 2009

Caffe Gambrinus -- The Drink

Located at Trieste e Trento square in the heart of downtown Naples, Caffe Gambrinus is an antique watering hole that once hosted clients such as Oscar Wilde and Mussolini.

The baristas are brusque, but they know their coffee. The highlight of their beverage menu is, of course, the Caffe Gambrinus. The drink consists of a shot of espresso, a teaspoon of cacao powder, milk foam, whipping cream, and chocolate sprinkles on top.

Among the pleasures of sitting amidst the bustle of Caffe Gambrinus is having a breakfast cornetto or dessert alongside.  The most ubiquitous Neapolitan pastry is the sfogliatelle or simply, sfogliate.  A ricotta filled shell, I've been unable to find the sfogliatelle anywhere else but in Naples.  The rich treat is rarely made at home.  Instead sophisticated bakers use careful layers of thin dough and serve it warm with a ricotta filling that has strong hints of both orange rind and vanilla.

I'm adding a link to the recipe for those brave souls who want to make sfogliatelle at home.  If you do, please post and let me know how it goes!

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