Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gay Odin Chocolate Factory

Move over Perugia! Naples has its own delicious chocolate haven called Gay Odin and blogger supreme, Panda, can give us an insider's view. She received a private tour of the factory and lived to tell the tale.

Did she become two inches tall or blue as a blueberry? You'll have to find out for yourself. Her pictures at Living In the Boot allow us to get a glimpse of her yummy experience.

Getting There: The factory is located at Via Vietriera 12. They also have at least two outlets in downtown Naples, one across the street from Piazza Dante:

and the other on Via Benedetto Croce:


Amanda said...

So fun. Won't spoil the results! But there was plenty of yum-yum going on!

Barbara Zaragoza said...

So great! Thanks for bringing us the details on your wonderful blog!

And Happy Holidays to you!