Monday, February 1, 2010

Sales, Sales, Sales

Don't forget that every year in February (as well as July) you'll find deep discounts on all clothing throughout Naples. I've found designer skirts for 10 Euro each as well as shoes, jackets, and more that are 50-70% off. The best places to shop are: Corso Umberto, Vomero, and yes -- the malls where you'll find Piazza Italia and Zara.

The best mall around is Vulcano Buono, shaped like a volcano and located in Nola.

Happy February Shopping!


Gil said...

Another great post! While visiting our daughter while she was studying in Florence we visited Nola because the rented car got a flat tire. The young boys at the place that fixed the tire were so thrilled talking with our lovely daughter sent for caffe and dolci! I had to insist that they take money for their work and the bar bill. They claimed that just talking to our beautiful daughter was payment enough! This always makes me wonder when I hear about Italians being rude to foreigners.

Barbara said...

LOL!! What a wonderful experience, Gil.

I too find everyone to be dulce, dulce and hospitable to me. At the beginning, however, I had to get used to how different the greetings and facial expressions are and adapt in order to make the connections.

Thanks for writing!

Leta said...

I love Aversa for shopping and the sales are great. They shut down the main street that runs through on Sundays. It's so lovely and beautiful and the people are very nice.

Thanks for another great blog!