Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bar Brasiliano

The Espresso Break: Galleria Umberto I, named after the King of Italy at the time of contruction between 1887-1891, the gallery today touts high-end clothing stores, cafes and pastry shops. Located in the heart of downtown across the street from the Teatro San Carlo, architects worldwide study this glass ceiling with its iron arches as an example of quintessential modern design.

All the glitz and glamor of this airy space also means that you can find an excellent tazzino of caffe. At Bar Brasiliano, baristas tout several elegant pitchers of zucchero-crema at the counter.

They also offer an array of coffee twists posted by the cash register. The most higly recommended is Caffe Nocciola (Nut Caffe). The base of the caffe nocciola is made from zucchero-crema, a tablespoon of which the barista daubs at the bottom of the glass cup. He squeezes some nut syrup from a bottle. He then pours a shot of espresso on the top. He sprinkles the top with cacao.

You must stir the ingredients together before sipping, but waiting just a few moments shows how the zucchero-crema begins to rise to the top while the espresso sinks.

The last sip includes a few bits of nuts. The drink is not overly sweet and nicely nutty.


Laura said...

That looks amazing! Thanks for sharing.

Arlene said...

Oh lucky you. That looks so delicious. And to sip it in such s beautiful place, a treat that I can only imagine.

Gil said...

It was really worth stopping in at that bar!

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely delightful bar.

Bex Johnson said...

I'm sure I went there, that guy looks so familiar! That coffee is the besy I ever had - with hazelnut syrup. mmm