Thursday, May 27, 2010

Metro Station Art

Nook of Naples: Named after the Neapolitan Baroque painter Salvator Rosa, this metro station is a divine place to roam. Designed by architect Alessandro Mendini, during its construction builders found an ancient Roman bridge:

From the metro station, a long escalator takes people up to a piazza where boys play soccer among robot-like science fiction characters and a copper hand displaying a sundial. The artwork by Mimmo Paladino, Riccardo Dalisi, and other modern Italian artists feature here:

Walking one block down, the Piazza Salvator Rosa has a Pulcinella in the bushes, while golden flames shoot across the face of a building, and a monument in the middle has volcano images on each side:

You can find the Salvator Rosa Metro Station on Line 1. Buon divertimento!


Mary said...

That's quite fabulous stuff.

Arlene said...

I never would have expected something like this in Naples. Cool!

Barbara said...

Hi Mary & Arlene!

Glad you like it as much as I do. Linea 1 Metro is called "Il Metro dell'Arte" and they're trying upgrade many of the stations to include some wonderful temporary and permanent exhibitions. You can see archeological finds at the Museo station and there's also more modern artworks at Piazza Dante and Materdei! To me, it's free and fantastico!


KC said...

I love the shot with the remains of the bridge and the mural!