Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Tripperia

Nook of Naples: Most Neapolitans prefer to buy their groceries, shoes, clothing, and electronic equipment at the bevy of open markets around the city. The most famous is located along via Pignasecca where locals haggle for clothes or shoes and seafood vendors display their catch in huge shallow tins. Any day of the week, visitors can push through the throngs and experience the blessings of quintessential retail therapy.

But somewhere along the way, lunch is in order. What better place to stop than the Tripperia Trattoria that advertises fresh tripe in a glass case surrounded by lemons?

Mmmmmmm. I must admit that I've never tried this culinary delicacy myself, but I would love to hear about someone else's experience.

Getting There: Get out at the Montesanto Funicular, Circumvesuviana, or Metro Station and turn right. Otherwise, walk down Via Toledo and once you reach Piazza Carita, take a left onto via Pignasecca. The Tripperia is along this road on the left hand side.


KC said...

I've never tried it either. I'm glad for the people who do eat it, they make me feel a little less guilty about how few parts of the animal I'm willing to eat. Great photos. I actually clicked on the second hoping to enlarge it, but when it didn't I was relieved.

LindyLouMac said...

I always appreciate a visit to a good Italian market.

Gil said...

I found it pretty rubbery!

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I found the market great.Its really good to visit it.