Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Espresso Trek

The first of August marks the beginning of the Italian vacation, a time when the whole country shuts down and families flee to cooler climes. (We realized this two years ago when precisely on August 1st we took a road trip to Germany, which -- in our exaggerated memory -- took more than four days to drive two kilometers.)

This August, in keeping with the rest of the country, we also plan to flee. The Espresso Break will become The Espresso Trek. My three girls, my husband and I have Eurorail passes and plan to travel to Vienna for the Sigmund Freud tour. (Did I mention my husband is a psychiatrist?)

Thereafter, we head to Romania for a Vampire and Werewolf tour (because my eldest has read every Twilight book in the series and I once was a fanatic Anne Rice fan).

A brief detour to Romania's painted monasteries and we head through Bar, Montenegro where -- we're told -- we can take a taxi across the border and search for the beaches on the Albanian Riviera.

Throughout the trip, I hope to post brief notes and pictures depending on my internet connectivity. But for today I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Hot August! I'll be back in September with more Nooks of Naples, Odious women, and espresso delights.



Anne and Kirk said...

Bon vacances - from a reader who has traveled from Naples to France this summer - cooler here than there for sure!

Gil said...

I hope that you and your family have a great vacation! Your first sentence (?) reminded me of when we got off the ferry in Naples on Easter Monday and started driving to Florence! I wished that I owned Auto Grill that day. Have fun.......