Thursday, November 18, 2010

Coffee Desserts

The Espresso Break:  The current celebrated gastronome of Naples is Luciano Pignataro who has a wine blog as well as a fabulous book called I Dolci Napoletani.  He also acknowledges the importance of coffee, providing several wonderful recipes that use the dark brew.  Here are my translations of several desserts listed in the book:


Ingredients for 12 persons:
250 g of dark chocolate
1 small cup of espresso
250 g minced almonds
6 eggs (only the yolks) and the egg whites separate
1 whole egg
250 g sugar
225 g butter
1 package of baking powder

Melt in a double saucepan the dark chocolate and the espresso.  In another double saucepan melt the butter with the baking powder.  Put together the sugar, the egg yolks with the whole egg and separately assemble egg whites of six eggs with a pinch of salt.  At the end, whisk everything with the minced almonds for five minutes.  Butter a baking dish and add a little flour to prevent the dessert from sticking to the pan.  Pour the mixture in the dish and bake slowly for thirty minutes.

Restaurant:  Alberto, Ischia Ponte

Gelato al caffe

Ingredients for four persons:
600 g of whole milk
fresh whipping cream
60 g of milk powder
100 g of egg yolks
40 g of trimoline
120 g of unrefined sugar
200 g of coffee grains
6 g of stabilizer for ice cream

Leave fused together in the refrigerator for at least twenty-four hours the coffee grains in the milk and whipping cream.  Pass through a strainer and make an English cream by uniting the other ingredients.  Cook at 82 degrees.  Leave to rest and preserve at minus ten degrees.

Restaurant:  Le Trabe, Capaccio

Tiramisu di rocotta di bufala

Ingredients for 8-10 persons:
700 g of ricotta
5 red eggs
200 g of dusting sugar
1 teaspoon of moscato
2 teaspoons of lemon juice
1 teaspon of rum
500 g of sponge cake

Beat the eggs with the dusting sugar well.  Add the ricotta and the moscato, the lemon juice and the rum.  Mix everything well until it becomes a creamy texture.  In an oven-proof dish create a layer of sponge cake thinly sliced and soaked in espresso.  On top spread the ricotta mixture.  Continue to layer in this way until the dish is filled.  Coast everything with a powdering of cacao using a think sieve.  Put in the refrigerator and serve after at least three hours.

Restaurant:  La Pergola, Capaccio


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