Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Neapolitan Christmas Pastries

Regional pastries abound throughout the city and during Christmas three desserts in particular can be seen in pasticcerie everywhere: Struffoli, Mostacciuoli, and Rococo.

The guru of neapolitan desserts, Luciano Pignataro, has written a fabulous and comprehensive book I dolci napoletani where he reveals the secrets of these Christmas treats. For English speakers, he has translated the Christmas page of the book at his website with a bit of the history of the three treats as well as recipes for each.

Here, I'll only give a brief history of the treats as well as pictures:

Struffoli: Once prepared by nuns in Naples and given as a gift to noble families at Christmas, this dessert consists of fried balls flavored with honey and decorated with multi-colored candied almond balls.

Mostacciuoli: Are said to bring good luck.

Rococo: Nuns prepared this treat all the way back in 1320. They are hard biscuits that are then soaked in vermouth or wine.

Buon Natale!

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Espresso Break: The Ebook

The Espresso Break is now available as an Ebook. You can download your copy here.

Thanks again to everyone for reading and commenting on this blog. I have transferred all my posts to a new Naples travel website Naples (Napoli) Guide. Feel free to contribute posts, ideas for Naples travel, or comment there. I will be hosting some free giveaways and contests, so do take a look.

Also, the paperback is now available internationally through Amazon.com as well as other on-line outlets.

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Espresso Break Goes Paperback!

Thanks again to everyone for reading my blog!  I'm excited to announce the paperback publication of The Espresso Break: Tours and Nooks of Naples, Italy and Beyond, available on Amazon.com and coming soon to other on-line outlets.

Again, thanks to everyone for reading, for commenting, and for all the interesting information you've handed me in the past.  I would love to hear more from you on my new Naples travel website Naples (Napoli) Guide. Feel free to contribute posts, ideas for Naples travel, or comment there.

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