Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Alley

Nook of Naples: The famous precipe (or nativity scenes) sold down Christmas Alley year round are a 'must-do' for any visitor to Naples. The street also provides some fantastic shopping for the holidays, although during December hordes of people trample through. The pulcinella also feature down this street, which are the well-known Neapolitan puppets.

To know more about Christmas Alley and the precipe, I'd like to give a fantastic blogger of Christmastime In Italy center stage. Check out her pictures of the precipe and explanation of how Neapolitans use these delightful ornaments.

Here I'll provide a map on how to get to Christmas Alley, formally known as Via San Gregorio Armeno and located in the heart of downtown Naples.


Laura said...

Ciao Barbara! I'm excited to see this street for the first time all decked out later this month. I've been down it before, but it was a Sunday in January and the shops were closed for the day. I look forward to seeing it busy for the holidays! Thanks for sharing!

Barbara Zaragoza said...

Hi Laura! I'll look forward to finding out what you bought! I also enjoy going to Christmas alley in the summer (June or July) when there are not many crowds and you can still buy all the same things. When I was there last week, the droves of people down the small street -- well, it certainly felt like an experience. Enjoy!