Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy International Pasta Day!

Celebrated ever since the year 2005, October 25th is International Pasta Day.  

The International Pasta Organization, founded in Rome, designated this day to give the world more awareness of the health benefits of pasta. According to the organization, pasta was officially 'discovered' by Marco Polo who brought the product to Italy from China in the 1200's. But variations of pasta date back to the Greeks, Etruscans, and Romans. In Naples, the Greeks are said to have mixed barley-flour and water together and dried it in the sun.  They called the final product 'macaria'.

For recipes and tidbits about the different kinds of pasta (the Neapolitans boast more than 600 different types), see my other posts:


Laura said...

Ciao Barbara! I didn't know about International Pasta Day. Thanks for sharing!

Barbara Zaragoza said...

Ciao Laura! It's an interesting little tidbit, isn't it? Michael Simon also said: Fun Fact...Pasta, al dente, has a low Glycemic Index rating. Therefore, when eaten, it raises blood sugar at a gradual rate. Buonissimo!