Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Caffe Shakerato & Caffe del Nonno

The Espresso Break:  Although you can't find Vincenzo Corrado's cold coffee cream recipe in cafe-bars today, two variations exist on the 18th century treat that can be ordered almost anywhere:  Caffe Shakerato and Caffe del Nonno.

At Caffe Del Centro Antico (Via B. Croce, 15) they freeze espresso into ice flakes.  They then add several teaspoons of sugar and put the concoction into a blender, mixing the ingredients on high for a good ten minutes.  As the sugar and espresso chips whip up, airs fluffs the drink and turns it into a thick white color.  The barista swirls small lines of caramel, chocolate or nut syrup inside the glass cup and then pours the liquid inside.  The beverage tastes like a thick drinkable dessert.  The sweetened grains of iced espresso have a sandy texture.

Caffe Shakerato

At the Neapolitan chain cafe, Il Caffe di Napoli (this one along Corso Umberto), they create the drink in a similar way, but call it the Grandfather Coffee or Caffe del Nonno:

Caffe del Nonno

Both these drinks, along with the Caffe Granita, are most commonly ordered during the hot summer months.


Gil said...

Both drinks are as good as you describe them!

Barbara said...

And gritty, don't you think? Truth be told, these aren't my drinks of choice because they taste so sandy. It's an experience for the palette, though. :)

LindyLouMac said...

I have never experienced one of these!

Gil said...

Definitely gritty! I just tried one because I asked the bartender what he was making and rather than explain he gave me a sampling.

Alan Woontner said...

I had Caffe Del Nonno in Naples last October. People in the city will travel to different neighborhoods to have it. Its truly a Shot of Love! I miss it dearly.