Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Caffe Tiramisu

The Espresso Break: At Caffetteria dell'Arte Antica, located in the historic center of Naples, the cafe has turned the delectable dessert, Tiramisu, into a beverage.

Here, the barista coats a martini glass with thick lines of Tiramisu syrup squirted from a bottle:

He adds some chopped nuts, then pours a healthy shot of espresso into the glass. He sprays a large helping of whipping cream up to the rim. Cacao and more nuts sprinkle the top.

A rich beverage, it's still liquidy enough to drink as a sip-and-go at the counter.

Everything you ever wanted in a drink and a dessert!


Superali said...

I'm definitely coming to Naples to drink tiramisu!
by the way, I was recently asked to compile a Top Ten Secret Italy Blog list and I included The Espresso Break.

Barbara said...

Wonderful!!! Thanks for mentioning me and glad you like tiramisu as much as I do. It's extremely rich, but worth the sip.