Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Travel Tips: Keeping Healthy On the Road

A Note On International Travel:  I'm back in Naples and ready to begin exploring the city once more.  But along this Eurailing route, I've used some valuable travel tips which have kept us healthy  throughout.  So for those interested, here are a few things I'd recommend while traveling in Europe:

1)  Eat the yogurt.  Everywhere we've gone, we've made sure to eat a little of the local yogurt everyday.  Yogurt is probiotic, which means that it promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in the digestive system, taking over and beating back any bad bacteria that can cause illness during a trip.

2)  Drink Coca-Cola.  Tummy aches are common on the road.  A little Coca-Cola during the day settles the stomach.  Countries cultivate their vegetables and meats differently, so this beverage helps soothe any aches.  Ginger Ale also works well, but we haven't been able to find it very often.

3)  Wear shower shoes.  We've taken along flip-flops and used them as shower shoes.  When you're walking a lot, it's essential to avoid athlete's foot.

4)  Keep a few overthe-counter drugs handy.  We always take along a bottle of kids and adult Motrin.  I suggest Motrin instead of Tylenol because Tylenol only relieves aches and pains, while Motrin brings down inflammation.  For back aches or high fevers, Motrin will knock those out for an entire day.  I also take along Claritin (in case of allergies) and Dramamine (in case of motion sickness).  Bug spray (it comes in small travel containers) during the summer months is also a good idea for keeping away mosquitoes.

5)  Pilfer Toilet Paper.  Always, always take toilet paper rolls from bathroom stalls or hotel rooms and stuff them in your bag.  They always come in handy, particularly on trains and in public restrooms.

6)  Wash Your Hands.  Wash your hands any chance you get, especially before eating meals.  If there are paper towels, use them to open doors to the public restrooms.  The largest number of germs exist on the door handles. 

7)  Wear bags across your shoulders and wallets in your front pocket.  No matter where you are, touists generally are considered targets.  People know that you've got more cash in your bag than anyone else in town.  Keep your purses criss-crossed along your chest, which makes it harder for people to pull off your shoulder and run with it.  Men, carry your wallets in your front pockets.

That's it.  Hope it's helpful and please let me know if you have some additional tips!


Laura said...

Perfect timing as I fly to Spain next week - thanks for the reminders and good advice.

Barbara said...

Buon Viaggio, Laura! And hope you have a great time!

♥The Sweet Life♥ said...

Hi! Wonderful blog!!!

Marlon said...

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