Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Walk Through Posillipo

Nook of Naples:  Known to the Greeks as Pausilypon (respite from pain) and said to be the area where Virgil lived while in Naples, the Spanish aristocracy began building seaside villas in the district of Posillipo during the 17th century.  In the 1950's property development intensified and many claim that this destroyed the beauty of the district.  Others maintain, however, that Posillipo is the posh area of Naples.

Walking from the tip of the Chaia district along the Bay, a slope goes upward past many villas, some converted into elegant restaurants.    Search for Villa Grottamarina (once home of Maria Anna, sister of King Philip IV of Spain in the 1630s), Villa Cottreau (built by French engineer Alfredo Cottreau in the late 1800s), Villa Bracale (with its Pompeiian red color), and Villa Rosebery (the Italian President's residence when he is in Naples).

A stroll past the villas lead to Piazza San Luigi:

A hike further along the road takes you to the Santa Maria del Faro church:

Here, stairs go down to Marechairo, a fishing village:

Posillipo has many fine gems to discover.  This walk only skims the surface, but can be done on a casual Saturday afternoon.


Gil said...

Looks lovely! Is this off via Medina?

Barbara said...

Glad you like it, Gil and excellent question! The road I'm talking about is Via Posillipo. It turns into Via S. Strato. Go toward the left (best to use a GPS) and you'll get to Via Marechiaro. The Church is on Via Marechiaro and the steps lead to a bevy of fantastic restaurants.

LindyLouMac said...

Thanks for sharing your walk, it is always interesting to discover parts of Napoli I have never seen.