Thursday, March 18, 2010

Caffe Pignatelli

The Espresso Break:  Gran Caffe Pignatelli is located down the block from the neo-classical Villa Pignatelli, which was built by Ferdinand Acton in 1826 and later owned by the Rothschild family.  

The café  has it’s own twist in honor of the villa, but the beverage isn’t on the menu, so you must ask for it specifically.  The barista thickly coats a champagne glass with granulated sugar, including the rim.  Next he sprinkles a half-teaspoon of cacao inside the glass.  Using a cappuccino frother, he blends a double shot of espresso, a teaspoon of cacao, and a splash of amaretto together.  He pours the forthy concoction into the glass, then adds milk foam and a sprinkle of cacao on top.

Gran Caffe Pignatello
Via Riviera di Chiaia

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Cherrye at My Bella Vita said...

YUM! How far is this from you? Maybe we can meet up here when I get to Naples (hopefully in the next month or so!)